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Petite Suite for Harp
David Watkins
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Cover image Work: Petite Suite for Harp
  1. Prelude
2. Nocturne
3. Fire Dance
Catalogue No: Adlais 216
ISMN: 979-0-57032-234-3
Edition: September 2019 A4 stapled
Duration: c. 8.20 minutes
Suitable for: Solo for Grade 7-8 Pedal Harp
ABRSM Grade 7 Harp (P) - Nocturne
ABRSM Grade 7 Harp (P) - Fire Dance
ABRSM Grade 8 Harp (P) - Prelude
LCM Grade 7 Harp (P) - Nocturne or Fire Dance
Trinity Grade 7 Harp (P) - Prelude or Nocturne or Fire Dance
Price:: £11.00  Go to shop
Petite Suite for Harp

to Hansjörg Rösli

This work was awarded first prize in the 1961 International Competition for Harp Composition in the United States of America. Awarded by the Northern Californian Harpists Association.

Early morning on the Seine. The sun shines and the surface of the water is only disturbed by swallows, dragonflies and a small boat. Cows graze in the meadows which lead down to the water. One hears only the joyous cries of swallows and the song of birds from the wood on the southern bank.

The countryside at Andé lies under the low and heavy clouds of a summer night - only the noise of the crickets disturbs the restless stillness. Suddenly, stars shining through a break in the clouds discover the Seine - moving silently and serenely through the night.

A piece which evokes the exciting ritual dances of South America. The style of this dance was inspired by the sound of the little Paraguayan harp where the effects are usually simple but rhythmic impulse very strong.

These pieces may be performed separately.


The Adlais Edition

Petite Suite was assigned to Adlais Music Publishers in 2015 by David Watkins following the collapse and subsequent liquidation of the original publishers United Music Publishers Ltd.

The new Adlais engraving corrects a number of typesetting errors in the previous edition.

The front cover of this edition is from the original yellow and blue design by David Watkins.

Front cover of the score

The front cover of this edition is from the original yellow and blue design by David Watkins.

Sample of the music