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Fantasy on a theme

Andres Izmaylov (b. 1974)
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Cover image Work: Single work for solo harp
Catalogue No: Adlais 148
ISMN: 979-0-57032-106-3
Edition: 2007 A4 stapled
Duration: c. 8' 00" minutes
Suitable for: Grade 8 Pedal Harp
Price:: £10.00 Go to shop
Examination: LCM DipLCM in Performance (2011-2015)
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H-A-(R)-F-E was written especially for VI Moscow International Harp Festival “... from barocco to jazz” and was performed by the composer in Moscow on 28 March 2005.

HARFE is the German word for Harp. Four of the German letters have their musical equivalents in the note-names B A F and E, and it is on these four notes, heard in the first bar, that Andres Izmaylov bases the theme of his composition. A brilliant short opening cadenza then leads into a series of variants each of which reflects a different harp style and a different period of musical history. A long Moderato section is followed by an Adagio reminiscent of John Field and Glinka, then comes a waltz which leads into a brilliant section reminiscent of Zabel. The long, slow closing variant is a beautiful two-part Invention in the style of Bach ending ritardando and pianissimo.

© A.G. 2007

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H-A-(R)-F-E performed by Andres Izmaylov


Front cover of the score

Sample of the music