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Alawon Traddodiadol Cymreig - Traditional Welsh Melodies
Codiad yr Ehedydd
Rising of the Lark
John Thomas Pencerdd Gwalia (1826-1913)
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Cover image Work: Single work for solo harp
Catalogue No: Adlais 167
ISMN: 979-0-57032-148-3
Edition: July 2009, A4 stapled
Duration: c. 4' 30" minutes
Suitable for: Grade 6 Pedal Harp
Price:: £7.00  Go to shop
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Clyw! clyw! foreuol glod,
O! fwyned yw'r defnynnau'n dod,
O wynfa lân i lawr.
Ai mân ddefnynnau cân,
Aneirif lu ryw dyrfa lân,
Ddihangodd gyda'r wawr?
Mud yw'r awel ar y waun,
A brig y grug yn esmwyth gryn,
Gwrando mae yr aber gain,
Ac yn y brwyn ymguddia'i hun,
Mor nefol serchol ydyw'r sain,
Sy'n dod i swyno dyn.

Cwyd, cwyd, ehedydd, cwyd,
O le i le ar adain lwyd,
Yn uwch, yn uwch o hyd.
Cân, cân dy nodau cu,
A dos yn nes at lawen lu
Adawodd boen y byd.
Canu mae, a'r byd a glyw
Ei alaw lon o uchel le.
Cyfyd hiraeth dynol ryw,
Ar ôl ei lais i froydd ne'.
Yn nes at ddydd, yn nes at Dduw,
I fyny fel efe!




Hark! Hark! His matin praise,
In warblings sweet the lark doth raise
To Paradise above;
Are they the pearls of song
Dropped by a countless angel throng
When singing peace and love?
Scarce doth move the gossamer,
Nor doth the purple heather stir,
And the brook doth pause to hear,
While hiding 'neath the rushy ground,
So heav'nly tender is the sound,
That comes mankind to cheer.

Rise, rise, oh lark, then rise,
On soft grey wing toward the skies
Ascending higher yet;
May no sweet note be lost,
Rise nearer to that happy host,
That earthly pains forget.
Sing and let the wide world hear
Thy melody so sweet and clear,
Waking longing in mankind,
To follow to those heights untrod,
Yet nearer day and nearer God,
Eternal joy to find!



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Front cover of the score

Sample of the music